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Away Team Adventures Campain


Greetings all the Lead Admin for the Campain is (ATAC)-Bengallie1. Currently we have 5 Clans regestered for the campain. To Sign up your clan go to the signups page. All Campain admins will have the tag of (ATAC)- before their name on GSA (GameSpy Arcade), so if you have any questions feel free to ask them. Below are the links to the various pages for the site feel free to click on the GREEN ones as the one in RED are inactive as updates are being done to them.


Updates and other INFO: January 13,2002: Well as you all can see the new page is up and some not all of the links are active BUT the map is up for viewing if your courious about what it looks like. We donít have enough clans to start with and unfortunatly I have to push back the start date again. We currently have an active sever up occationaly (when i remember to set it up) be sure to play there and have fun. There is no start date currently set yet as I'm waiting to hear about hosting and waiting for more clans to sign up. The Rules are UP and I've added the rest of the basic rules Allience rules are going to ba added soon. Iíll be on GSA to anwser all questions regaurding the ATAC after 5pm EST in the Elite Force lobby and possibly spreading to the GSA chat lobbys if Iím getting a lot of Questions. If you would like to be an admin or can host a server for us PLEASE email me at .


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