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First off, welcome to the newly designed RAGE-EF site. Thanks to RAGE-Cracked(who just happens to be the one writing this:). Now, on to the news.
This from RAGE-Bengallie1.
Ok folks after a long and hard desicsion and with the  help of Mason, reamer, cracked, dela, and our newest member mack1701, I  have decided to enter RAGE into the EFL (Elite Force Leauge). You must sign up to the EFL by going to, and adding yourself to their roster.  After you have added yourself, go to the player sign-in and edit your info. Put in the Clan ID box 79, for that is the RAGE clan ID for the EFL. After June 30th house cleaning time begins, so if you have emailed me do so AGAIN, I had to reformat AGAIN and if you have not emailed me do so NOW as you only have nine days left until PERMANENT REMOVAL. Now, last thing, we are going to have a clan meeting every Wensday from 3pm EST till whenever I get tired.  We’ll hold it in the public chat rooms for now, in the Action Games section.  The meeting will begin when there are no less then 3 people there even if I am not there. Also, practices are still NOT mandatory but are encoraged especially now that we are in the EFL.
Thanks All

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