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Welcome to the RAGE home page. Thank you for your interest in our clan. If you don’t find what your looking for here feel free to email any questions you  may have to one of us. There is contact information on our Join page.

We are an Away Team Adventures Campain (ATAC) based Elite Force clan. And a Gaterunner Gammer Z based Starfleet Command 2 gamming fleet. As opposed to the more ˜serious” groups out there, we’re pretty laid back (no offense to those more ˜serious” groups). Our main purpose is to have fun and game with friends but if  we get the chance to participate in some friendly gaming, we’ll take it!. If you want to meet any of  us were on Game Spy Arcade. We are always looking for new members. If you like to play EF,or SFC2 or even SFC2:OP, exhibit good  sportsmanship, and are looking for some gaming friends, check out our "joining"  page. See the links to the left.

Site Design and Graphics by Ken Stark

Voyager 3D Model used in images created by Nico.