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Just so everyone knows ALL Admins in that are Clan Leaders will not be involved with the Turn Results or Map editing. Also in the spirit of Fairness I (Bengallie1) as Former Leader of the Rouge Ärrow Galactic Empire (RÄGE) and in now in clan Section 31 {S31}, I will only fight in battles with then if needed other than that I will maintain a no communication status with them other than the info I send out to ALL clans. Any Admin found Guilty of communicating Turn INFO to their clan will Automaticly lose their admin status and be banned from participating in any battles for a period of 2 weeks. ANY CLANS WHO VIOLATE THESE RULES WILL RECEIVE A WARNING FIRST THEN IF THEY CONTINUE TO BREAK RULES THEY WILL BE EXPELED FROM THE ATAC CAMPAIN. All problems with clans or players in the campain should be brought up with Bengallie1 IMMEDIATELY either by Email or direct contact with me on GSA. Remember this is not a leauge it’s supposed to be fun so relax and enjoy.

Section 1 General Rules


  1. All Clans that wish to participate in the ATAC Must first Regester.
  2. The campain uses a Hex Based map system like that found in many Board games and computer games. Thus Making this a FPS Strategy Campain.
  3. All Clans will submit a TURN SUMMARY REPORT at the end of the alloted time between turns.
  4. Turn’s will be for the first 10 turns 1 per week. Turn’s 11 till whenever nessacary turns will be every 2 weeks as the battles grow and clans are wiped out.
  5. If Turn reports are LATE and a good reason is given they may be accepted at the TURN and LEAD admins discression
  6. Turns will be accepted NO LATER than SUNDAY 4:59 AM GMT (-5 hrs for US EST 11:59 PM Saturday)
  7. All problems will be brought to the proper Admin, and ALL Admin Decisions are FINAL. Seeing another Admin to overrule an admin will NOT be tolerated. If after seeing the proper admin does not resolve your issue then see a LEAD admin and he/she will make a FINAL ruleing either with the admin or against, BUT be fore warrned LEAD Admins will stand by the Sectional Admins ruling unless you can provide a good reason for them to go against the Sectional Admins decision.
  8. Each Clan Starts with 10 Hexes of land an 4 ground UNITS at the beginning of the campain.
  9. For Each HEX of Land the clan has they Gain 1 Recource point unless map specified.
  10. If a clan as Multiple Leads then we require all the GSA names of the leaders for our records and so we know who to send information to when we need to.
  11. A clan is considered OUT of the campain if ALL their hexes of  land have been captured AND/OR all their units have been destroyed (Up to the clans themselves).
  12. CHEATING WIL NOT BE TOLERATED. Anyone found guilty of cheating  like AIRWALKING or AIMBOT or anyother hack will be dealt with immeadiatly. If you are airwalking accidentaly STOP immediately. On other maps you can walk along the edge of the maps walls like in Geothermal 3 (weather your actualy supposed to be able to do that or not DON’T)  will not be allowed UNLESS THE MAP WAS MADE SO YOU COULD DO THAT(I’ll check with the map makers on certain maps). And last but not least Standing on the TOP of the map were you were never ment to be an example of this is Geothermal 1 nobody is supposed to be on top of the main bases on that map I’ve contacted RAVEN on that and the map maker said NO I never intended People to be standing on those buildings. I can understand if it’s non-intentional because of photon bursters and det packs and you gone blown up there I expect you to get down immediately.


Section 2 Turn Rules


All Clans MUST prepare a turn summary report. Turn Report will consist of the following:

If a turn report IS NOT SUBMITTED then the clan will be declaired as Defending the Hexes that their UNITS are in.

A clan can Submit a turn report stating they are defending, by doing so it is better for us so we don’t have to make that decision forcibly. You can also specify that certain units are remaning stationary and defending, NOT all units have to move all the time.

Just to sound redundant turns will be accepted NO LATER than SUNDAY 4:59 AM GMT (-5 hrs for US EST 11:59 PM Saturday)

All Turn subisions will be EMAIL’ed to the LEAD TURN Admin or to the LEAD Admin(s) if you don’t know the Turn admins email addy.

Turn reports can ONLY be submitted by THE CLAN LEADER or his SECOND IN COMMAND, UNLESS the Clan Leader sends in an email to the Lead Turn admin AND the Lead Admin stating that he is giving permission to that person permission to do the turn reports after we confirm the email. In the event that there are multiple clan leaders then turn submissions will only be accepted by them unless they specify other wise by folowing the the before mentioned.

On the FIRST Turn Clan Reports Clans will need to Place 3 outposts, the location of their HQ as well as the location of their 4 starting units. All Clan Unit’s, HQ, and Outposts, will be placed within their 10 starting Hexes and NOT outside of that starting area.



Section 3 Map Rules


  1. All Map Data will ONLY be available to the clan leaders. You can share that data with your fellow clan members but that’s up to you.
  2. Each map will have a MAX of 5-6 clans (depending on tourain of map).
  3. All Clans will start in RANDOM locations. Basicly you could start off near an enemy or next to an ally it all depends on the luck of the draw.
  4. Each clan is assined a number acording to the order of how they regestered. As the number pile up before the launch of the campain I (Bengallie1) will pull numbers randomly from the hat and that will determine where they start and on which map they start on.
  5. Each Map is assined a number and has on it individual HEX numbers. ALL hex number are 4 digits long and map numbers are 2 digits long. EXAMPLE: Map 02 Hex 0314.
  6. Each Clan’s Tag will be displayed at the bottom of the map HEX in parenthasees ( ) denoting Ownership of that hex. Also if and outposts of a HQ is present in that HEX it will be color coded. Blue – HedQuarters, Red – Level 3 Outpost, Orange – Level 2 Outpost, Black – Level 1 Outpost. EXAMPLE: (RÄGE) or (S31)
  7. Map tourains consist of Heavy Woods, Rivers, Lakes, and Open. Heavy Woods give a defence bonus of 1 extra kill to the defenders only if the woods do not contain an outpost. Rivers and Lakes are UNCROSSABLE (see units section on why). Open offers NO bonuses and are the IDEAL places to build outposts. All areas on the maps will be noticeable if you do have a question feel fee to email the map admin or the lead admin(s).
  8. All clan units in that HEX will be noted by the clan tag  in the center folowed by a number (the number will be how many units are in that hex).


Section 4 Units


  1. Units have a recource cost of  10 Resorce Points to purchase, and may start at any outpost OR at the Clan HQ, and CAN NOT move the turn they are purchased and placed.
  2. A UNIT is considered to have 8 players if the Clan can provide that many players for their match. If a clan cannot provide 8 players for a match then they must have NO LESS than 4 eligable players and the battle will take place with EQUAL number of players on both sides. Basicly if clan A has only 5 players and Clan B has 8 then the battle will be fought with 5 players on each side to keep things fair.
  3. Units can only move 1 HEX PER TURN, because the planet has an EM field that interferes with shuttlecraft, and Anti-grav units. Basicly it’s like Current warfare strategy move up and meet the enemy while claiming land at the same time.
  4. More than 1 friendly unit can occupy a hex at the same time BUT not more than one clan. What does this mean well that means RÄGE can have 5 units in one hex but RÄGE and S31 can not occupy the same hex at the same time ONLY unless their at war and fighting each other for control of the hex.
  5. ONLY ONE unit may attack another unit, outpost, or HQ at a time. NO EXCEPTIONS. So if you have 4 units in hex and your attacking another HEX with or without units only one may do so at a time, this does not mean that all 4 units cant attack in one turn just that each unit attacks one at a time untill the defending hex is defeated or all the attacking forces are defeated.
  6. If an attacking unit is defated they are considered DESTROYED not the players but just the unit. Same goes for defending units.


Section 5 Rules for Battle


  1. All battle will take place on a PREAPPROVED map. For info to get a map approved just email Bengallie1 for approval and will get a response ASAP (usualy overnight). Remember there are a lot of maps out there so some maps might get rejected. NOTE: Space maps are not a good idea but I will let some fly like CTF_VOR1 (lvl 2 or 3 outpost)
  2. All clans MUST select a CTF map for there HQ AND STICK WITH IT. All HQ maps will NOT be revield untill another clan attacks you then it’s public knowledge.
  3. If 2 clans should meet in an open area (no outposts) then a TDM match will be fought on ANY MAP Admins Choice(preferable an outdoors map like Danger City or Rurapentha). The clan that finishes with the higher point total at the end of the match will be declaired the winner. In the event that Clan A is defending the hex and Clan B moves in to attack then Clan A get an automatic +1 kill to there score, in the event Clan A is defending in Heavy Woods then a +2 kills is given to the defenders. In the event Niether Clan is defending the Hex and it’s Heavy Woods the +1 kills go to the owner of the Hex, if there is no owner then no bonus is given. The Defending Clan of a TDM can choose the map but can leave it up to the admins if they so choose.
  4. All Outpost, and HQ matches are CTF matches. These battles are called Defenders Choice, what that means is the Defenders Pick the Map (and that map sticks to that outpost untill it’s destroyed) and the Game mode (Excessive, Disintigration, Specalties, LOW-GRAV, Normal). Only one mode can be selected so if you like Low-Grav Disintigration then you’ll have to choose one or the other (remember some map have low grav in them like CTF_Space but that’s the only way you’ll get 2 modes in one).
  5. ADMINS will only be reqired to be present in game on Level 3 outposts and HQ matches. I am employing the honor system in this campain BUT screenshots FROM BOTH CLANS will be required with the final results in order for the match to be considered a legal battle and decided battle. Upon battle completion both Clan Captians (if leaders are not present someone will need to take the resonsiblity of this) will send in their screen shots to the results admin. If problems arise in a battle where one clan is late or does not show an admin will be present in GSA to make a ruleing (most likely the match will be resceduled at the clans convienience), even if the admin is not needed in the battle. IF people start Taking advantage of the honor system then I will require admins at ALL battles regaurdless of the match.
  6. In Defenders Choice Battles the Amount of flag captures the Attackers MUST WIN BY depends on the Type of outpost being attacked, ALSO the Game map that is used ALSO depends on the Level of the outpost.