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Basic Story


EPISODE 8,000,000,000


A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY OPPS! Sorry wrong story this is Star Trek not that other space rip off (J/K)


This is completely NOT in Sync with the Star Trek timeline and universe cause its something my insanety gave birth to while I was drunk and I figured WTF lets make this interesting (hey I needed a back story ok and this was the best I could come up with).

The Year is 2462. The Galaxy is in strife yet one planet could hold the key, this planet is rumored to hold a highly powerfull weapon that would cause the races of the Galaxy to tremble in fear. Federation scientists discovered something two years prior. Sadly thou all members of the science expedition were killed or assimilated in a Borg attack. When the information about the expedition and it's demise spread throughout the Galaxy and a possible weapon to be found all races sent out "Away Teams" to the planet to claim it as there own. Determined to take this 'secret weapon' the teams have met and in this meeting conflicts arose and a fierce battle has begun, now with the arrival of the Borg, and the Dominion this conflict has escalated. Many have died already and few survive but only one race may claim the prize.

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