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This from RAGE_Bengallie1[CIC]
Ok, I'm about finished revamping this site. As you can hear a new song is playing it's called Nothing's gonna stand in our way by Spectre General. I feel it's the right song after all RAGE has been through.


First off, welcome to the newly designed RÄGE site. Thanks to RAGE-Cracked(who built the original one just i'v modifyed it). Now, on to the news.
This from RAGE_Bengallie1[CIC].
Ok folks after a long and hard desicsion and with the; help of Blademaster I  have decided to take over RAGE seeing as Jireh has stepped down and no one has decided to step up to take his place as of yet. I've also decided to enter RAGE in the GamerZ SFC2 leauge, you must sign up to the GZ by going to, and adding yourself to their roster.  After you have added yourself, go to player sign in, and click on NEW GAME from there you will see what to do and you'll have to chose a sub callsign.
Thanks All

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Voyager 3D Model used in images created by Nico.